Sounders and strobes


Surface mounting beacon with clear lens – Polar White

The ZP755V-P is a POLAR WHITE visual alarm indicator moulded in high impact thermoplastic. It features a clear lens and red LED element. All ZP755V units incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique address that is polled by the panel every two seconds.

Key Features:

  • Cost effective compliance with disability legislation
  • Powered directly from the ZP loop
  • Up to 60 beacons directly on the loop wiring
  • Fully addressable
  • Low current LED based visual element
  • Compatible with all ZP loop devices


Ziton ZP755BV-4P Addressable Sounder Beacon Base

The ZP755BV-4P combines sensor base, audible sounder and high intensity beacon in a single stylish moulding. It offers both audible and visual warnings from a single, addressable, loop wired unit. Providing an elegant solution for areas where the installation of separate sensor, sounder and beacon would prove expensive, both in equipment capital value and system wiring costs, the unit meets the requirements of most local disability legislation. Installation time is further reduced, as the moulding plugs directly onto a first fix base – eliminating the need for any internal connections. The ZP755BV-4W is perfectly suited for any location involving high levels of background noise.

ZP755BV-4P can be used with other ZP loop equipment in any combined application subject to maximum loop loading. In systems where loop lengths or current requirements are excessive, ZP755BV-4W can be powered directly from an external power supply. With a sound output of 90 dbA, measured at 1 metre, continuous, intermittent and two-tone audible outputs are available. The volume setting can be reduced for areas where a lower sound level is required.


  • Sensor, sounder and beacon from a single wiring point – minimising installation costs
  • Powered directly from the ZP loop
  • Separate addresses selectable for sensor and sounder beacon
  • Up to 40 units directly on the loop
  • High efficiency sound gun transducer
  • Plug in base – no internal connections
  • Wide range of international sound types and frequencies